Commercial Video Production


Pre Production

Post Production

Pre Production

Preparing your shoot is like building the foundation to your home. If you don’t do it correctly, you’ll run into trouble later on down the line. We have a comprehensive video production check list that we live by when prepping for a shoot. Our Production Company…   Secures a Location for the Shoot and Provides Travel and Logistics for Everyone Involved. Takes Care of Any Legal Requirements or Needs. Hires the Finest Talent, Cast, and Crew to Convey Your Message Effectively. Designs a Set and Manages the Direction of Scenes from the Script. Decides on Which Cameras Will Be Needed for the Production (Steadicam, Tripod, Crane, etc.). Creates a Calendar of Events for the Day to Keep Everyone on Schedule. We work hard to make sure your video production is filmed quickly, professionally, and well within budget.  



Post Production

Pre Production

Lights! Camera! Action! This is the big day. All the hard work prepping pays off when the cameras begin to roll.
Our actors begin to rehearse, videographers set up cameras and lighting, and slowly your message begins to breath life in crystal clear high definition video and stunning Dolby
Digital sound. It’s a crazy day - and can be long - but the final result is well worth it. 


Post Production

Post Production

Post Production

After video and film production is completed, the magic really begins. This is where Hayzen’s Productions puts their award-winning skills to work for you. Our talented crew of editors glue themselves to their seats and begin to create the final commercial production product. This is where the creative elements are added to the video to make your production pop. Here are some of the terms you’ll hear throughout the process… Editing •  Graphics •   3D Animation •   Voice Over •   Soundtrack •   Video Transfer and Duplicating Don’t worry if those words sound like greek to you, that’s why we’re here. We’ll explain everything about video production as we go along and keep you in the loop as it all comes together. We want you to be amazed, blown away, and wowed by the final product. We work together to make sure you get the production that you signed off on.  

Sports Production

Hayzen's Productions was challenged by the NBA Charlotte Hornets to shoot some footage to be used in their season hype videos. You can see some of the head-shot footage we did in this video and also going to commercial breaks on FOX during the games.

FIBA and USA Basketball hired us to shoot some super mo footage for use on promos and features. A trip to China for the World Championships may be in the works!

PBR hired and trusted Hayzen's Productions to create an opening video for the World Championships in Las Vegas! 

A sit down interview with PGA Champion Brandt Snedeker. Learn a little bit about him in this profile video for Peter Millar.

national broadcast commercials

BcookMedia hired Hayzen's Productions to shoot footage and an edit a spot for Wayfair Furniture featuring their Greyleigh line!

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan tasked Hayzen's Productions with creating a short commercial to showcase their High Point Furniture Market showroom.

 Keep America Beautiful was a wonderful campaign by The Ad Council in San Francisco. The task, produce a spot to let people know what can be recycled. 

Every retailer needs a call to action commercial! That is what we did for America's Best! A little studio action with some green screen shooting and motion graphic animation work!

Milbemax got a taste of Doja the Destroyer! This commercial featured a testimonial from Amelya and Doja. No better way to showcase your product than straight from the mouth of product users!

Weston shows off a few of his baking moves in this commercial for Cosi bread. Anyone know a good cleaning crew?

regional broadcast commercials

Crown Automotive wants everyone to experience a new way to buy cars! This regional ad helped them achieve that goal.

Regional Campaign

 Campaigns are a great bang for the buck! We shot all 3 of these in one day and Omega Sports uses these spots on a regional rotation. 

Notice each spot has the same music and motion graphic at the end!

Campaign commercials are a great way to brand your image! 

local broadcast commercials

County Ford felt it was important to recognize Alamance County's first responders in this local yet national feeling ad.

Branding campaigns aren't just for the national clients! Here is another spot for County Ford bragging a bit about their county.

GTCC has a vision to provide new and innovating experiences! 

Adrenaline pumping excitement from up up above! Skywild is located in Greensboro, NC at the Natural Science Center.